The complete web developer roadmap in 2021

 Course outline:

In below i am going to make outline what we are going to learn during all journey to become a full stack web developer very easily within 2021.This is the guidline which i followed to be full stack web developer.I hope if you can follow this guidlines ,then you can easily become a full stack web developer.Without proper guideline or currriculum it's very hard to become  a web developer which i suffered a lot.It took me long time to become a web developer when i started my journey to be full stack web developer because i was following different random tutorial in the beginning and didn't work out for me at all.I just only waste my time.

section 1:Introduction

section 2:How the internet works

section 3:History of the web

section 4:HTML 5

section 5:Advanced HTML 5

section 6: CSS

section 7: Advanced CSS

section 8:Bootstrap

section 9:CSS grid and Css layout

section 10:  Career as a web developer

section 11:Javascript

section 12:DOM manipulation

section 13:Advanced Javascript

section 14:command line(git bash)

section 15:Developer Environment

section 16:Git +Github +open source projects

section 17:A day of a life as a web developer

section 18:Node package manager(NPM)

section 19:React js

section 20:HTTP/JSON/AJAX/Asynchronous

section 21:Backend introduction

section 22:APIS

seciton 23:Final projects for forent-end

section 24: Node js+express js

section 25:Final project-back-end

section 26:Database

section 27:Final project -back-end -database

section 28:Production and deployment

section 29:where to go from here

section 30 :extra bonus

section 31:extra learning-redux(react js)

section 32:Bonus section

Let's begin our journey....

section 1:Introduction


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